Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Staying Motivated AFTER Weight loss

I'm at a VERY exciting point in my continual fitness journey- a point where I am almost at my "target weight"! To even call it that might not be accurate- my target weight is less of a weight I've always dreamed of being and essentially a weight that I think is healthy and manageable for my age, height, gender, size, and fitness level.

One lesson of the many I've learned on this journey is that I am hugely motivated by goals. If I don't have defined goals, it ain't happening. On the other hand, if I have clear, SMART goals, I can amaze myself with what is possible! So as I'm heading down towards this magical "target weight", I've started a new list of Health & Fitness Goals for my new, weight-maintenance world. I'll be turning my focus from weight loss to strength and muscle development, flexibility, and improved athletic performance.

Process goals

Work out 6 x a week for 60 minutes

Incorporate the following workouts into schedule:
  • 2 short runs (between 2.5 and 5 miles)
  • 1 long run (6-10 miles)
  • 3 45 minute weight sessions (2 Strong Lifts x week)
  • 1 yoga class
  • 1 Spin class
Up calorie intake to 1450/day + extra workout calories 

Maintain weight at 110 lbs +/- 2 lbs

Fitness Goals

Body fat percentage: 
  • 20% by 3/7/13
  • 16% by 6/7/2013
Improve run times (by 12/31/2013)
  • 5k time: under 26 minutes
  • 10k time: under 50 minutes
  • Complete a Half Marathon in under 2 hours 
13 in 2013 Challenge (by 12/31/2013)
    Pull-ups (by 12/31/2013)
    • Do 10 consecutive pull-ups!
      Strong Lifts: (by 3/7/13)
      • Bench Press- 65lbs
      • Overhead Press- 60 lbs
      • Deadlift- 100 lbs
      • Row- 80 lbs
      • Squat- 100 lbs
      Health/Nutrition Goals 

      Eat Clean(er)
      • 6-8 servings Vegetables/day
      • 2-3 servings of protein/day from:
        •  sustainable meat & eggs
        • legumes
        • nut butters
        • cottage cheese/greek yogurt
      •  2-3 servings of Fruits/day
      • 2-3 servings of Whole grains/day
      • Chocolate in moderation (2-3 servings per week)
      • Avoid:
        • Refined/enriched grain items 
        • Milk and cheese (not including cottage cheese/greek yogurt)
        • Added sugars, although prioritizing honey & maple syrup as sweeteners when applicable
      Have you gotten to a place of weight maintenance? If so, what goals keep you inspired and motivated?


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