Sunday, January 27, 2013

Race Schedule- My Plan for 13 in 2013

As I've mentioned, I'm planning to run 13 races this year, or 1 per month, with one extra! Why did I decide to do this crazy thing? Two simple reasons: Motivation. Accountability.

Here's my race list for the year. I've registered for some of these, and others are just races I'm interested in.

It's been fun and exciting to searching for races in the area, decide what distances I want to run, and even set some "stretch goals" for myself. The big GLARING stretch goal on that list is a HALF MARATHON- WtF?!?! The fact that I registered for the Freep Half Marathon is probably a good indicator of two things: 1) I'm crazy! and 2) I have really changed my habits in the past 5 months! As my hubs pointed out, "Last year, you would have been like, 'Run one mile? Nooo!!!'"

I'm scaling up in mileage accordingly, both trying to grow my weekly base of miles run total, as well as building up to be able to run 13.1 miles in. a. row. This week, I ran 12 miles total, and my longest run was a 6 miler, aka 10 km, which is my longest distance run to date; I still have some work to do! Luckily, I have 8.5 months to train. Oh goodie!

Here are links to some of the races I'm thinking about. If you're a fellow Southeastern Michigan runner, or a #runchat buddy from afar who'll be in town, I'd love to run with you- let me know!

Join Me!
Commitment Day 5k

SuperBowl 5k

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Falcon 5 Miler

Run 4 a Reason

Girls on the Run 5k

Dexter-Ann Arbor Run

MOTTEP Life Walk/Run

Island Lake Sprint Triathlon

Birch Run Charity 10k

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon

I'm still deciding on a training plan for the Freep. 

Any Half Marathon training suggestions, or tips for a newbie?


  1. Hal Higdon's website - it has awesome training plans from novice to expert levels!

  2. I'm doing 13 in 13, too. Good luck on your half- that's so exciting! 8 months is plenty of time- you'll be ready!

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