Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary to My Healthy Self!

Tomorrw, Dec 7th, will mark three months since I have truly committed and dedicated myself to this fitness routine. What a challenging & satisfying journey it has been so far, and what an intense season!

Three months full of:
Treadmill runs
Spin class
Pushing my limits
Smarter snacks
New recipes
Healthier habits
Stress relief
Holding myself accountable
Feeling GREAT!

In the last 91 days:
1 5k race in 29:42
13 weeks of sweaty, breathless workouts
83 gym visits
80 days at or under my calorie goal
15.7 lbs lost

Next Tuesday I've scheduled another Fitness Assessment at my gym (my first one was on September 7th)! I am really excited to see how I've improved in measures other than weight. I was especially poor at the grip test, and the sit & reach. I'm hoping that I can do better at the grip test, which is a strength indicator, and the sit and reach, which is a flexibility indicator- two things I've been been working hard on improving. My bodyfat percentage was super high at 31%; the recommended range for ladies my age (27) is between 16-24%. I'm not sure what kind of change to expect here, but hoping to eventually to get down around 25%, so where ever I'm at on Tuesday will be a place to progress from!

Thanks for sticking around for the journey so far! One thing that's really helped me keep going is a supportive family, awesome co-workers, and a great active community; I'm talking to you, gym buddies, gym staff, fellow Greatist Ambassadors, and fitness bloggers! For those of you out there, shorties and otherwise, who think you're just not meant to be fitter and that maybe you're just not one of "those people" who's going to ever get to a healthy weight, I say:

You can be healthier and fitter.
You are TOTALLY one of those people!

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