Sunday, January 20, 2013

Incorporating Whole30 into a long-term Healthy Lifestyle

Now that I am finish Day 20 of the Whole30 program, I'm able to see lots of positive result but some interesting realities as well. There are some big "pros" to eating a Paleo-esque diet, and some drawbacks as well.
Mini-Fritatta muffins with Bacon... mmmm! Def a PRO.
Whole30 program "Pros":
  • Focus on veggies
  • Learning new ways to prepare meat & incorporate into diet
  • No added sugars= increased awareness of how much sugar I was eating 
  • Focus on quality ingredients, from organic produce to sustainable meat
  • Inclusion of healthy fats such as coconut, avocadoes, and olive oil
  • Stops me from using bread as a filler at every meal
  • Body is feeling good- no bloating, inflammation, or stomach irritation
Whole30 Program "Cons"
  • Find myself eating lots of fruit, and going over my recommended sugar amounts anyway
  • I don't really want to eat this much meat! 
  • This is definitely a hard diet to maintain while simultaneously being a person in the world
Overall, I think that there are more pros than cons to the Whole30 program and to Paleo-based eating in general, but I am starting to think about what Day 31 will look like for me. Which foods will I choose to re-incorporate; which will I decide to live without?

My post-Whole30 daily diet thoughts so far:
a typical #Whole30 grocery haul for the week!
  • Focus on Vegetables
  • 2-3 servings of protein from:
    •  sustainable meat & eggs
    • legumes
    • nut butters
    • cottage cheese/greek yogurt
  •  2-3 servings of Fruits
  • 2-3 servings of Whole grains
  • Chocolate in moderation (2-3 servings per week)
  • Refined/enriched grain items 
  • Milk and cheese (not including cottage cheese/greek yogurt)
  • Added sugars, although prioritizing honey & maple syrup as sweeteners when applicable
*Note- I really prefer the taste of refined/white flours & grains for many foods (pasta, rice, etc) so I think I will just limit my intake of those items in general. I do enjoy whole wheat bread, and I have locally-grown grains that I can mill at home to make bread with! I'm comfortable with occasionally eating bread, which I made at home that will have a list of 4 ingredients.

*Note- Baked goods with refined flour and chocolate are my downfall. Chocolate chip cookies! I need to indulge in these treats sparingly without "treating myself" to 2-3 cookies per day.

I'm trying to keep an open mind until the end of my Whole30 program, and after I re-introduce some of the eliminated items, before I make any firm opinions or decisions. Overall, I think I have already learned a lot about my eating habits, my diet pitfalls and weak points, and I've expanded my recipe repertoire a LOT! All positive outcomes that will contribute to my health in the long-term.

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