Friday, January 4, 2013

#Whole30 program Re-cap, Days 1 - 4

So it's Day 4 of my first foray into the world that is the Whole30 program. And so far, I do not want to Kill All the Things; good, huh? Yep, that's right- 4 days down so far with no grains of any kind, no dairy, no added sugars, and a focus on eating sustainable meats, vegetables, fruits, & health fats! I would have to say that so far, it's been challenging at times, but also a positive change. I've been finding ways to incorporate more healthy fats into my diet, like avocados and coconut, and I'm hopefully learning to slay that "sugar dragon", as they say.

Hardest parts so far, for me:
  • Eating so much meat!- When you take out grains and dairy, there's a lot of room that can't all be filled with fruit (as much as I'd like it to be).
  • Resisting chocolate- Do I really have to elaborate here? :)
  • Eating enough food- Again, once grains and dairy are eliminated, I keep forgetting that I need to fill in my diet with other things!
I wanted to share a de-li-cious new recipe that I tried out today- got it from the Whole9 forum and modified it a bit. You basically chuck all ingredients into the slow cooker/crockpot. It's simple, and it's SO damn good. Best chicken I've ever made, I do declare. 

Try it out:

For my fellow #Whole30 January 2013 buddies, hope you are doing well on your journey! For those of you who aren't familiar with Whole30 yet, maybe it will tempt you and lure you in one day as well.

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