Monday, December 17, 2012

12 in '13 Fitness Challenge!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be hosting my first-ever Fitness Challenge coming up here in January!

As I've been thinking forward to the new year and how to keep myself motivated, one of the fun goals I came up with was to do one "competitive" fitness event each month for the year. 

Why fitness events?  
1) Training for a 5k or a cycling event can be SUPER motivating, even if your goal is simply to run a mile at a time or complete the event!

2) Because you're investing some money in registering for events, there's the bonus motivator of "oh, now I've spent money on this thing; I should probably give it a good effort"!

3) There's something really powerful about participating in a group fitness event. Whether it's competitive, like the Boston Marathon, or a "Fun Run" like The Color Run, getting out there with other men and women that are trying to better their lives and their health is pretty inspiring- it kinda makes me tear up a little thinking about it now!

Get Started!
This will be a fun, personal-challenge type of thing, and I've created a few ideas on how to start and plan out your 12 in '13, as I'm calling it. I've also designed a few different images, that you can download here if you'd like. Feel free to post them on your blog, share them on Facebook or Twitter, or event Pin them!

Each person that "registers" by tweeting using #12in13challenge and putting a Commit Button on their blog will be entered into a drawing to win Eating Clean for Dummies, and each month that you register for a new event and share it on Twitter using #12in13challenge, you'll be entered for another small prize drawing!

Here are some buttons below that you can share & post. Please link them back to here, so more people can join the challenge, motivate each other, and get fit in 2013! I'll be sharing the events I've registered for so far in the next post. You've got until 1/5/2013 to enter the contest by registering for your first event & sharing it with others!

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