Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fitness Gifts for us Petite Ladies

If you're short like I am, I know how long you've spent trying to find workout clothes and accessories that fit you. For us, shopping at most major clothing retailers (or online) always starts with selecting a number of cute items, and then realizing that cute sweat-wicking top is going to be like a dress on our bodies, or that those adorable capris will look like flood pants on us!

With that in mind, I've put together Short-inspired Fitness Wishlist! These are either products that I've bought and loved, or ones that I'm eyeing. Check them out, and keep them in mind as you're sending off those last minute Holiday wishlists.

                                               Shortie Fitness Wishlist

Tek Gear- Button-Hem Yoga Capris
I own these (got 'em from Kohl's, and they fit GREAT! 
If Kohl's still has some on the sale rack, RUN and go get them ASAP! 
I should have purchased 5 pairs while I had the chance.
FitFour- Cropped workout gloves
These are awesome workout gloves from FitFour!
I was about to purchase a pair, but worried they would be too big for my hands.
FitFour sent me a pair for free to try out, and after two weeks of use I can say that
they fit great on me (size Small), and I also feel like a badass every time I lift at the gym. 
Natural Fitness- 55cm (Small size) Exercise Ball
Phthalate/Toxin Free
When I go to the gym I always try to snag one of the smaller exercise balls 
for my calesthenics, stretching & other exercises. If not, I'm rolling all over the floor! 
This is a perfect size for a shortie. 
Sweet Petites- Sis Carbon Sky Pants
Haven't worn these personally, but they are on my list to try out-
workout wear designed specifically for petite ladies BY a petite lady;
I like it!
Timex- Personal Trainer HRM
This is not a petite-specific Heart Rate Monitor, but I have it on my list this year.  
Most fitness machines' estimates of calories burned and other numbers are 
not always accurate for us short ladies. This HRM will allow you to know 
how many calories we really burned. Knowledge is power!
Gaiam- Everything Fits Gym Bag
This is just too dang cute. 

Petite, Tall or Average, I just love the functionality of this bag!
Isokinetics- Foam Roller Set
Foam Roller are a lifesaver. 
If you haven't tried them out, they are worth the purchase. 
As someone w/ upper back & neck issues, I try to "roll out" my back 
before & after each work out. This set comes with some different sizes, perfect for us!
Yoga Monster- Yoga MatNon-toxic
For those of us trying to loose weight & build muscle, 

Yoga is an important part of strength & balance work that will improve your 
overall fitness levels and even help during workouts! 
I hope these items helped to spark some gift ideas for you and your short loved ones. Happy Shopping!

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