Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My 5 Fitness Goals for 2013

I've begun to set some goals for 2013. I am not usually one to set "New Year's resolutions"- many times these goals end up as  fads or trends, things that fade away quickly. I am, however, a big Goal Setter.

I've been enjoying my fitness journey so much since I started that I've laid out some big Fitness goals for myself in the upcoming year. And remember- the best goals are SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-defined!

Here they are, my goals for next year:

Goals 1-3 are things that I am already doing with some measure of success. I just want to keep doing them, and doing them well! Goal 4 is pretty easy, at least the registration part of it!

Goal 5 though... that's a big leap for me. I have something to admit, folks- I have a major crush on Spinning class. Ever since I first tried it over 4 years ago, I've loved indoor cycling. The combination of cycling + a group of peers + thumping music= damn hard to beat, in my opinion!

I look up to Spin Instructors (literally and otherwise). Most times they are SUPER fit and really powerful motivators. A talented, passionate Spin Instructor can make your work out 10x more fun (and more challenging)! A "bad" Spin Instructor, on the other hand- someone who is demotivating, annoying, a bully, too shy to encourage their participants, or a terrible selector of music- can make me want to leap off the bike mid-class and run out!

Just the though of being "fit enough" to feel comfortable as a Spin Instructor makes me excited! I also would love the chance to be a motivator in that way- the ability to make someones ride more fun, their workout more challenging, or just help the stress of their day melt away in that 50 minute class would be a true privilege. I've decided that 2013 is the year that I go for it, and get my Spin certification.

What are your Fitness Goals and Aspirations for 2013?


  1. Arika, I love your new blog! You and I have talked about our fitness efforts before and I'm happy to hear that yours have been paying off. I did Weight Watchers for about 10 months and lost a total of 20 lbs, but then gained back about 5 more. I switched over to My Fitness Pal because it's free and the mobile app is much more user friendly. I'm excited to hear that it's worked for you. Keep us updated!

  2. Hi Arika, just wanted to "introduce" myself, I'm Danielle also a new Greatist Ambassador! I'm trying to stop by and check out everyone's blogs to get to know the rest of our Greatist team...I love your goals! That's actually how my blog ( got started also, as a way to hold myself accountable for some goals I was setting for myself. I have to admit I've never taken a spinning class...I am totally intimidated by them! I think I'll need to add that to my list of new things to try soon! Looking forward to inspiring others with you!

  3. These are awesome goals! New follower here...can't wait to see you check these things off the list in 2013!