Monday, November 12, 2012

Design your Perfect Fitness Routine- Part 1

If you're looking to get serious about fitness and weight loss/weight maintenance, a reliable Fitness Routine is essential. Think of it as your Road Map- this routine or plan will not only tell you your destination, but how to get there!

Map Analogy- For those that are as direction-challenged as I am, you know that without a road map, GPS, Google Maps, etc., it's easy to get lost. I've experienced the same lost feeling when trying to decipher the world of fitness information:

What's the right plan for me? 
What will work for my "body type"?  
Is there a magic workout combination for weight loss? 
What am I doing wrong?

Without a Fitness Routine, it's easy to get stuck exercise-hopping. What is exercise-hopping? It's what I define as trying one type of workout routine for several weeks, only to become discouraged by lack of results and to try another "plan", etc. etc. I did a lot of this for years without actually stepping back and looking at what was working and what was not working.

More recently, as I have stepped back to look at patterns and trends in my health and weight loss, I began to connect some dots. Here are some helpful steps to take when it comes to developing a workout routine that will be perfect for you:

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