Monday, May 20, 2013

Prepping for a fun, healthy vacation!

Does following a clean eating/healthy lifestyle ever make you feel like a religious zealot?

Might sound like a silly question, but I've been feeling that way a lot lately! It can be trying sometimes, to be the one who is always turning down dinner rolls, breadsticks, or an after-dinner treat. It's all right- I don't mind being a weirdo, and I'm one of those people who likes to really entrench myself when I am passionate about something; I'm very passionate about healthy eating! I also know it can be easy for me to "fall off the wagon", so I'm just going to go ahead and strap myself on the damn wagon. :)

These thoughts have been floating around because of several recent and upcoming events- my birthday (it was May 8th!), celebrations with friend, and our upcoming Anniversary vacation! My hubs and I are headed to Washington DC and the surrounding area (Arlington, VA and Charlottesville, VA) for an almost-5 year wedding anniversary celebration. We've been looking forward to this trip ever since we planned it this past winter- a chance to travel together, relax, see sights, visit with a couple of close friends... gosh I can't wait!

In prepping for our trip last week, several panicked thoughts struck me-

What if I can't find anything to eat?! (Healthy, local/organic & fresh)

How will I exercise?!

Mike laughed at me when I asked him these things, and essentially said, "It's a vacation! We'll eat whatever we want and we'll relax!" While I will definitely be allowing myself more treats, and will try to be ok with not going to the gym every day, I will definitely NOT enjoy myself if I am feeling overly-full, or if I over-do it on the gluten, cheese, sodium, or sugar! That, combined with the fact that I now eat every 3-4 hours and get supa-cranky if I don't eat, is why I decided to plan ahead and pack a carry-on of snacks that will help fuel me throughout the week!

take a peak inside...
My Travel Food Bag:
  • Good for shlepping around DC:
    • Picky Bars
    • Oranges
    • Trail mix
    • Annie's Snack Mix
    • Kashi 7 Grain crackers
  • Good for breakfast or a pre-dinner snack:
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Dried Mangos
    • Whole Foods 365 Instant Oatmeal packets
  • Good for a lunch substitute
    • Turkey "jerky" sticks
    • Carrots
    • Mini bell peppers

My Travel Fitness Plan:

I've already realized I need to come to terms with the fact that I will NOT be going to the gym every day. I will consider it lucky if I make it one day. But, we are active travelers. We will most be walking/metroing it everywhere, and lots of walking around to see sights. I'm going to get in two great workouts on Monday and Tuesday before we leave, and then plan for another weights session on Thursday. Other than that, my cardio will be coming from walking EVERYWHERE.

My workout plan for next week:
Mon- 4-6 mile run (my gym)
Tues- 1 hr weights (my gym)
Wed- lots of walking
Th- 1 of two Planet Fitness gyms in Arlington
Fri- Walking around Monticello!
Sat- Hike in Shenandoah National Park
Sun- Walking around Mt. Vernon!
I might try to get an early morning run or two in, through the neighborhood of my friends' home where we are staying for part of the trip, or possibly through the University of Virginia campus.. we'll see how that goes!

What do you think of my travel plans? 
Any tips or thoughts to share about your traveling-while-healthy experiences?


  1. Wow, great plans!!!! I think you'll be able to easily stick with them and find the time to still get some workouts in. I have been to those same areas that you are going to and yes, you will be walking a LOT! Bring comfortable shoes. Shenandoah National Park is just absolutely gorgeous. And a challenging hike. Jason and I are going camping this weekend, so I hope to get a post up about that soon. I'm soooo behind!

  2. Hello! There's a great paved running/biking path very close to my house. Technically the entire thing runs for 45 miles, though I doubt that you guys will be running quite that far ;) Hope that helps, and looking forward to seeing you!