Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fitness Assessment Results- March 2013!

Had another great fitness assessment last Wednesday! This was my 6 month check-in that I'd scheduled for myself, to see how I've been progressing overall since I started this most recent leg of my fitness journey in Sept of 2012. I decided to forego some of the usual tests (push-ups, Vo2 Max, Sit & Reach), because I've already done them twice in 6 months.

I'm excited to say that in 6 months I've made a LOT of progress:

Body Fat Percentage
September 2012 31.8%
March 2013 17.8% 

Hips Measurement
September 2012 40"
March 2013 34.6" 

Waist Measurement
September 2012 31"
March 2013 26.25"  

Weight in Lbs
September 2012 139
March 2013 109

I am really proud of how far I've come, and very happy with my results. I don't think I want to go much lower on my body fat %, actually. Although there are some "spots" that I'd like to loose some more fat, I am going to try to improve those areas (and my muscle definition overall) with weight training, vs. loosing more weight or fat. Also, (TMI alert) I haven't had my period for the last 2 months, so I am thinking I need to figure that out vs worrying about some impossible spot-toning. I'm set to have some tests @ my doctor's office next week. I figure that a perfect storm of back/neck problems, intense exercise routine, significant weight loss, lowered body fat, and greatly increased work stress and anxiety might have something to do with it!

My dad and I! It was his birthday this week :)
As much as I can, I'm trying to address each one of those areas by making my life easier, more stress free, and treating myself well.

At any rate, I am headed into a weight maintenance phase, which is AWESOME! I will be focusing on my upcoming races, as well as building strength with weight training, and I've upped my daily calorie intake from 1200 to 1400 over the last several weeks.

There's lots to look forward to, including my first 5 mile and 10K runs, my Girls on the Run team, a fun 5-year anniversary adventure coming up in May, just to name a few things. Life is crazy right now, but I'm thankful for everything I've got and I'm living it the best way I know how!


  1. Congrats girl! That's amazing progress - your body is healthier, happier and you're in such a good fitness place! I hope you've celebrated your success :)

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