Monday, September 22, 2014

Product Review- EatSmart Precision MaxView Digital Bathroom Scale.

I recently was contacted by EatSmart products to review their new Bathroom Scale, the Precision MaxView Digital Bathroom Scale, the newest scale in their line of products. It was good timing, since my old bathroom scale recently crapped out! I was debating whether or not I wanted to get another scale, honestly; It's easy to get really wrapped up in weight and numbers. That being said, I appreciate the ability to be able hop on a scale at home to check in and see both the progress I am making, and also to be able to get some perspective on those tough weeks.

That being said, the Precision Max is definitely a scale I would purchase, if I had not been sent one to review! It's really easy to use, and very simple. Basically, set-up involves putting in batteries (which it comes with) and letting the scale calibrate. You can set it to stone, kg, or lbs, which is nice for folks on the other side of "the pond".

The design is modern and clean, and it is a stable little guy, which is a unique feature for a scale. I've had several that rock to one side when you step onto it with just one foot. My husband actually commented "wow this is solid!", without my soliciting any input from him.

The large display is nice and it's backlit in blue, which is a little feature I like- most mornings I like to leave the lights off while I get ready, and now I can incorporate a weigh-in into my morning routine without flipping on the bathroom lights. The display is big enough to see without having to do any squinting down at my feet too!

It sells for $29.95 on Amazon, and I feel that's a fair and reasonable price for a new scale. EatSmart also has a variety of kitchen scales and other products which I'm excited to learn more about. If you're in the market for a new, nice & simple scale that's in your price range, take a look at the Precision MaxView- it's worth your while!

*I was sent a complimentary EatSmart Precision MaxView Scale to review, and keep. However, my opinion and review on the scale are solely my own honest feelings not influenced by EatSmart Products.

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