Friday, August 22, 2014

Shaping Up for Spinning!

Hi folks, and Happy Friday!

I have got a booty-bustin' weekend planned, including 2 spins and a Kettlebell class at my new gym! I also told my husband I'm gonna kick his butt at the gym on Sunday evening- I'm gonna school him Bootcamp style, with a custom workout created by yours truly! He's been known to throw up after other Arika's Bootcamp workouts. While that's not at all the goal, it means he's working hard! ;-)

Here's what I'm up to, workout-wise, for the weekend! What do you have planned?

Weekend Workout Plan- 8/22-8/24/14

Friday- 6:00am Spinning Vie Fitness (already done!)
Saturday- 8:15am Kettlebell class @ 1on1 Athletic
Sunday- 7:00am Wake Up and Ryde @ RydeOn  & 7:00pm Arika's Bootcamp

I'm making a point to get out to my gym at least 3 times a week. I want to establish a presence there, get to know my fellow instructors & staff, and meet more members. Hopefully, this will be a great way to build relationships, make some workout buddies, and do some pre-recruitment for my Spinning classes, when they start!

I'm also working hard to get myself into tip-top shape for my new role as Spinning Instructor. This will involve visiting many gyms/studios in the next couple of weeks, sweating buckets, and getting a taste of different spinning/cycling styles. Each new class will help me learn more about the style and persona I'd like to bring to my classes- it should be a great learning experience!

Lastly, I'm going to do some shopping- I gotta get gear for Spinning! I'll be getting my first pair of clipless cycling shoes, and my first heart rate monitor! I'm so dang excited :)

Sharing Time:

What brand of Cycling/clipless shoes do you have and love? Will be used mostly for Spinning, but also some outdoor rides on my 1971 Schwinn LeTour!

What brand/which Heart Rate Monitor should I get? I don't need it to be super high-tech- I'm looking for heart rate, zones, and maybe calories burned (optional)

Have a great weekend!!

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