Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Goals - wrapping up August!

It's time for some motivation and inspiration, in the form of Weekly Goals!

Here are my goals for the week of 8/26-9/1

  • 3 weights sessions, 45-60 mins each
    • Monday, Wed & Fri
  • 3 runs, including a 9.5 mile long run 
    • Tues (soccer), Thurs (long run), Sunday (short run)
  • At least 1 outdoor workout
    • Milford 30k Ride on Saturday
    • Hiking on Sunday 
Food prep:
  • Seasoned ground chicken for lettuce wraps
  • Ratatouile
  • Turkey Chilli
  • Hummus
  • Chopped veggies for nori wraps
  • Freeze bananas for smoothies
  • Eat enough! 1400-1700 cals, depending on the day and the activity level
  • Make sure to eat enough at breakfast so future meals are not rushed or too far between
  • Modified Whole 30, Week 3-
    • Try to fill more of daily calories with actual meals and not snacks (even healthy snacks)
Let's hear your weekly goals!

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