Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My first Liebster Award! Sharing the Love

Awesome!! My bud Jennifer from Wine To Weightlifting nominated me for something called a Liebster. It's sort of a “getting to know you” award. Here are the rules:
  • Each nominated person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
  • Create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated.
  • Nominate 11 people and link them to your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them and most importantly, NO TAG BACKS!
11 Random Facts About Arika:
  • My birthdate is a palindrome: 5-8-85 
  • I was a premie when I was born- I weighed 2 lbs, 12 & 1/2 oz!
  • I love gardening and canning, and blog on those topics here
  • I am TERRIBLE at returning books to the library and I regularly make "donations" there ;)
  • I played the flute from 6th grade- college and was in Marching Band for 6 years
  • I DO NOT like peanut butter. Not allergic, just think it's gross!
  • I was a vegetarian for several years in college and mostly ate grains and fruit. Not so healthy!
  • Cannot handle when people crack their knuckles, etc. in front of me; it's such a gross noise
  • Favorite basketball player- Shane Battier. A friend and I followed Duke Basketball religiously in high school (1999-2003) and he was my favorite player. I have a signed Duke jersey from him!
  • One time, when I was 8 or 9, my mom ran over me with her bicycle (and I lived to tell the tale!)
Here's the questions that Jen posed to me, and my answers:

What is your favorite fitness activity, and how did you get started doing it?
A) It's hard to pick a favorite. I love being active, and I love variety! I'd have to say it's a four-way tie between Running, Lifting, Yoga, and Spinning!

What is your favorite cheat meal, and how often do you do it?
A) Most of my cheat meals involve bread and once I eat them I feel yucky! So I'd have to say dessert of any kind. I probably have a small dessert 2-3 times per week. Keeps my actual food intake really healthy!

Most favorite “healthy” recipe? Share the link if you’d like, too!
A) Gosh- I've been cooking for myself so much lately that it's hard to choose!

How old were you when you started taking care of your fitness?
A) 23 when I started to workout regularly for the first time seriously, 25 when I started again, and 27 when I've most recently lost 35 lbs and am now on to maintenance. (23, 25, 27..Those even years were trouble, huh?)

What is your worst bad habit?
A) Nail-biting and serial over-committment to projects!

Favorite place to shop?
A) I'm a cheapster. I like to rock the thrift stores, although for athletic apparel I like to go to my local running store, Running Fit. I also like TekGear brand- at Kohl's 

Top song on your workout/running playlist?
A) Surprise! I don't workout to music unless it's spin class. I LOVE music, but I find I have to get the perfect song on for the perfect tempo, and then I'm fiddling with my mp3 player instead of concentrating on my workout.

Why did you start blogging?
A) I started blogging over 4 years ago, to start to share my journey into healthy living, gardening, and growing my own food (my other blog is here), but started 5ft and Fit! several months ago to document my weight loss journey, and hopefully share and inspire others, especially short ladies, who have struggled with fitness, weight loss, and finding a balanced, healthy lifestyle!

Do you prefer to workout at home, at a traditional gym, or a specialized workout facility?
A) I've done P90X at home before with some success, but I am IN LOVE with my gym currently- it's owned by our local community college and it's very spa-like. Lots of great classes, a hot tub, a big selection of cardio machines and a pretty nice weights area. I can't duplicate that at my house!

Favorite board game or smartphone game?
A) Oooh! I love games!! I especially like word games like Taboo, Apples to Apples, Scattergories, or Times Up!

What vitamins or supplements do you take daily?
A) A multi-vitamin on and off, but I will be starting to take glucosamine daily very soon, for my spine & vertebrae!

My Nominees:

So now, I get to choose 11 more people to do this fun little survey! These are bloggers whose blogs I enjoy and regregularly check-in on. Make sure you check them out!:

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My questions for you:
1. What's your favorite race distance (if you like to run/cycle)?
2. Favorite dessert item?
3. Your go-to meal on the go?
4. Dream fitness destination?
5. Ultimate motivational workout song for you?
6. What keeps you moving?
7. What was the moment where you first realized you wanted to commit to a healthy lifestyle?
8. Do you have a fitness/workout mantra? If so, what is it?
9. Favorite inspirational athlete (doesn't have to be a professional)
10. Favorite piece of workout attire?
11. Favorite healthy cookbook?


  1. I was a preemie, too, but a giant 5lbs compared to you ;)

    And I did color guard in high school.. oh, I miss marching band.. hehe.

    I didn't know you have a second blog, either!

  2. Thanks lady!!!

    Do you still follow Duke basketball? Duke was my dream school. Sometimes I still think about trying to get my MBA there, but I'm not sure that's the right path for me anymore...

    Apples to Apples is so fun. I never started playing that game until a few years ago - hilarious when you get the right group of people around :)